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SPAZZ is a collective of 5 friends created in 2016.

Our many experiences at school, our travels in Europe, the many celebration and nights of shared work

have given rise to a great complicity and the desire to work together. From these adventures the collective was formed.

Our practice is protean; on the one hand more performative, in the organization of events, parties and with installations, musical

productions. On the other hand, more durable, in the form of fanzines and printing on various media.

Almost dedicated to music (2019) 190x260mm, 60 pages

laser and screenprinted edition, 50 copy

Release Almost dedicated to music at the HEAR, Fr

dj set by Janomax

Sportswear (2017) 148x210mm, 40 pages

laser and screenprinted edition, 25 copy

Si tu veux, moi je veux bien (2017) 148x210mm, 30 pages

laser and screenprinted edition, 25 copy

1 condom, 1 lub

Trac-core 2018 400x590mm

sérigraphie 4 passages

Partez pas sans moi 2019 420 x594mm

sérigraphie 3 passages